Wordle: Lianza09 abstract on WordleOkay, so you’re probably all champing at the bit by now and are ready to rock and roll.  It all kicks off on Monday and for some of you this will mean a bit of travel this weekend.  I and the Prom-Com-Sub-Com team (Promotions and Communications Sub-committee, that is) have been blogging about this hallowed event for 7 MONTHS.  So you’ve probably missed a few things if you’ve only just started checking in here.

So let’s review a little of what we’ve covered –

We made you a map so you wouldn’t get lost, gave you advice on packing and gave you some tips if you’re a conference newbie.  We gave you the rundown on the Keynote speakers and the Invited speakers and your socialising opportunities.

We talked about Special Interest Groups, Web 2.0 and a ton of other stuff on the programme.   And we also tried to give your Mondays some levity.

Oh, and somewhere along the way someone went to the trouble of making a Wordle (which we then forgot about, see above).

I’d just like to take the opportunity to re-post a cute video that we featured as a Monday Funny back in June.  March of the Librarians should get you in the conference mood, I think.