Big drum roll… here are the details of what you will enjoy at SOL Square this time next week!

We promise you a fantastic line up of bars, restaurants and entertainment as seen in the video.

When you purchase a SOL Square card for $45, you receive a booklet detailing the restaurants and bars accepting our SOL Square card and offering discounts.  The SOL Square card can be used to pay for your meal at some establishments, whilst other establishments may use it to offer discounts.  You can buy a SOL Square card at the conference registration desk to take advantage of special deals and discounted drinks!  Unable to attend conference? Come down after work and take this great networking opportunity to dine, enjoy the entertainment and company.

Some menus are available from the SOL Square website. If booking tables, this can be done directly with the restaurant.

New to conference or attending on your own? Aoraki hosts will be at a designated venue to meet, greet and get the party started.  The venue to meet at will be advertised during conference.

Some fantastic local bands have been organised for you to dance the night away with.  LunaFunk are playing @ Fat Eddies from 7.30 pm.  This five piece band play funk, soul, motown and disco with a fresh polished funky sound.  The band will commence as a 2 piece while you are having dinner, and then 3 more will join them to raise the tempo at 10 pm.

At Cartel, a 2 piece Country/Blue Grass Band will be playing from 10 pm.

At Mexican Cafe, The Young Juans, a 5 piece latin / funk band will be playing from 7pm ole!

This is shaping up to be a memorable night, with over 200 people attending.  See you there!


Today’s offering features a quirky musical vignette from Dunedin band Haunted Love in which librarians epitomise the saying that “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

I don’t know about you but when I kill gum-chewing patrons it’s always in black and white…

According to the credits, filmed on location at Dunedin Public Library.  Can any other libraries in New Zealand brag that they’ve featured in a music video?

So we’ve had a pop song penned by one of our Keynote speakers so why not a ditty about that most alluring of women…the library girl.

If I had dollar for every time an imaginary Norwegian boyband wearing beanies serenaded me while I’m trying to do a reference enquiry…

It may be presumptuous of me but I’m guessing of the seven illustrious keynote speakers attending this year’s conference that only one of them has written a pop song.  I could be wrong though.  See the video below for Richard Stallman’s effort praising the benefits of free software (for a somewhat less polished version you can also see the man himself singing acapella)

All together now… “You’ll be free, hackers.  You’ll be free”.  Well, it’s kind of catchy but I can’t see it making the top 40 can you?

Ah yes, some people do have trouble differentiating between a Library professional and a native of that west African nation.  Comic strip Toothpaste for dinner is no exception and for a Monday funny double-shot we’ve also included a somewhat late Michael Jackson memorial in the form of a music video that has to be in the record-holder for number of celebrity cameos per second (mind you, they’re all trés eighties so you could be forgiven for not recognising such Glamazons as Debbie Gibson, the Miley Cyrus of her day)

Quite likely you’ve already seen this music video before but perhaps you haven’t seen quite in this way.  Tears for Fears get the literal treatment with the video for Head over heels, set of course…in a library.

Today we discover through the medium of 80s music video that librarians in Africa wear their hair in buns, look severely at people over the top of their coke-bottle specs and wear fussy blouses…just like we do, right?

We’re not in Kansas any more Toto, we’re in the library…

Did anyone else notice this is the second one of these I’ve done where someone brandishes a weapon in the library?  I wonder if I have issues?