Well, we’re  all a bit exhausted now but are slowly replenishing the old batteries that going to conference always seems to deplete (metaphorical and literal – my phone and laptop seemed to run out of juice ridiculously often).

But anyway, for those of you in a similar situation, or if you didn’t manage to make it and wonder what it was like to stride the the convention centre soaking up all that big-brained thought, here’s a little video taster…


So you’ve got your registration sussed, travel arrangements have been made, you’ve got somewhere to stay and you’ve run your eye over the programme so you’ve got an idea about what sessions you might like to go to.  But if you’re from out of town and aren’t familiar with Christchurch how are you going to find your way around?

We don’t want lost librarians wandering aimlessly about the inner city making it look all untidy so we humbly present for your perusal a one-stop shop of maps so you’ll be able to navigate your way around the place.

Our Google map features all sorts of handy info, like the locations of ATMs, hotels and coffee spots as well as SOL Square.  Full map available here.

Once you’re in the Convention Centre you might want to know what’s what in which case you’ll want to check out their floorplan so you’ll be able to negotiate the crowds and beeline it for the loos when you need to (click on the little red bubbles on the floorplan to see video of the interior).

If those walking times between your accommodation and the Convention Centre are a little longer than you’d like then you may wish to take advantage of the central city’s free shuttle bus.  They’re yellow and they come along every 15 minutes or so and are a godsend at the end of a long day.

More Christchurch maps are available here and if there’s anything you’d like added to the Google map (nearest place to buy a cardy, bun-crafting hairdressers, optometrists selling chains for your glasses etc.) then leave us a comment and we’ll pop it on the map for you.

Wow, I’m really jazzed about this whole SOL Square evening on the second day of conference.  I’ve never been there before but if the following video is anything to go by it really will be a good night.

That pizza looks especially yummy but on the other hand recent adventures have given me a taste for French champagne (espesh Perrier-Jouët, dahlings) so La Petite Croix might be the way to go.

I’ve got to remember to get my SOL Square card sorted so that I can take advantage of associated discounts (I’m a sucker for loyalty cards anyway.  I’ve got a wallet full of those things) and then all I’ve got to worry about is what to wear…and how I’m going to manage going to sessions the next day.

Now that I’m a seasoned conference veteran (not that I like to skite or anything) what I’ve noticed is really useful is getting some idea about the location or “neighbourhood” of the conference beforehand (that mission to find the Metro station in Paris could so easily have been avoided with a little forward planning).

After all, I’ll need my wits about me to try and take in all the wonderful new ideas I’ll be exposed to at conference, I don’t want to expend precious brain or leg energy on an Odyssey to find a cash machine.

Just as well those bright sparks on the Promotions and Communications Sub-committee for LIANZA Conference 2009 have thought ahead and made this video for us.  What thoughtful gals they are…

I hear whispers there may be a handy-dandy map that goes with this video as well.  I’ll see if I can find it for you.  Stay tuned.

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