shopsignHaven’t decided yet which venue you want to check out at the LIANZA Conference Dinner?

The Fish and Chip Shop, is a great place to go for kiwiana kitsch and tasty fish and chips reasonably priced.  Your meal is served wrapped up in old school style using reprinted pages of historical NZ newsprint.   Be prepared to stuff yourself silly with huge pieces of fish and “enough greasy chips to feed a horse”!

Across the courtyard from The Fish and Chip Shop is Ishimoto, the location of our Conference Committee Friday night drinks a few weeks back.  We sat at the banquet style table in the bay window as pictured here:

You can order as many or as few Japanese “sidedishes” as you like – great if you don’t want a huge meal, or if you want to share a variety of different dishes with a group.   For a look at the Japanese menu, go to
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So that you get an idea of the different venues at SOL Square, we’ll be bringing you information and photos to highlight the various places in this cool space, to get you enthusiastic about the Tuesday night social scene. This time round I’m going to share my experiences of Fat Eddie’s and I’ll share a friend’s experience of Toast with you.

Apparently Fat Eddie is a real person … it’s the nickname of Edward J. Schwartz. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting Fat Eddie, but I have had a great time just hanging out with friends recently at Fat Eddie’s instead.

We mooched in after work, we found a booth, we ordered some cocktails (there’s a great array of alcoholic and not-even-alcoholic drinks to choose from, I can recommend the Down Home Punch and the Mango Tango), we listened to a local jazz band, and eventually I convinced my friends to join me on the dance floor. There’s plenty of food to choose from, and good to have a platter or three to share with folks, there’s lots of space to sit and talk, as well as dance if you are that way inclined (and since it’s a library conference, it’s very likely to happen that we’ll be dancing late into the night).

While I haven’t yet been to Toast, I asked around and found a friend who has (after all, isn’t that what friends are for – giving you the low-down on the places you haven’t yet discovered!) Apparently, it’s a very chilled out space, with good cocktails and a good wine list. Hanging out in the space outside was a great people watching spot, so it’s a mellower space than upstairs at Fat Eddie’s me thinks.

I’d love to hear of anyone else’s experiences and what cocktails they can recommend!