End Doll, UC Art CollectionThere’s heaps of good stuff for tertiary librarians at this year’s conference.  On Monday, we have Simon Hart and Charlotte Brown talking about the Cephalonia method of library instruction.  Usually the  phrase “library instruction” makes me cringe, but Cephalonia sounds very student-centred and I am keen to learn more.

Monday afternoon also sees Terri Elder discussing the process of developing a sculpture trail in the University of Canterbury Library.  It seems like there is a growing trend for University art collections to come under the care of the library. It will be interesting to hear Terri’s ideas on how these collections can be used in teaching and learning.

Tuesday’s B stream is a triple-treat-star-set, featuring sessions on library services for distance learners and faculty-library publishing partnerships.  The icing in the middle is Deborah Fitchett’s unconference style workshop on making allies to support your innovation.  While Deborah works in an academic library, this workshop is bound to relevant to lots of you out there.  I heard there may even be whistles. If you still can’t get enough of unconferency stuff , take part in What would you do? brought to you by CPIT Library’s lovely Elizabeth Whyte and  this guy.  It’s going to be cool.

Succession planning is an issue for all library sectors, and on Wednesday there are two very promising sounding papers on developing potential library leaders.

This is just a small sample of the sessions  that tertiary librarians may want to attend. There’s much more content in the programme like  RFID, the very early TelSIG meeting, Maori subject headings, the keynotes,  the unconference in SOL Square.  Oh I could go on and on.

You might meet some interesting people

You might meet some interesting people

LIANZA sponsors several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and most of them are taking the opportunity to meet with members during the course of Conference.

These events are scattered throughout Conference, and include formal workshops, AGMs and informal meetings.  I hear that the SLIS one even involves food (Strawberry Fare on Tuesday morning  for breakfast- yummo!), if there was ever a good time to become a special librarian…

More information can be found in the Conference Programme, and on the SIG list-servs.

And if you are organising a SIG event – let us know and we’ll spread the word!

We all know that attending Conference comes with a price.

And I know that I am the resident “‘tail-alcoholic” on these pages (socialising in SOL Square), but for once I’m not talking about the cost of panadol, water and vitamin C.

No I refer to the customary “feedback session” that you agree to speak at when you receive Conference sponsorship.  Of course this is a negligible cost if you like giving presentations…RM12221~Hangover-Shelter-Posters

But if like me you avoid them like the plague, you may find it useful to find out how other people report back from conferences.  Who knows what tips you could steal from them?

And guess what  – though I expect you might have suspected this all along – there just happens to be one such session being held in the near future. 

On Tuesday 15 September,  Kevin Adams, Gail Pattie and Lynsey Ainsworth, will be talking at CPIT about the conferences that they have attended recently.  Everybody is welcome to attend and the event begins at 6.15pm.  Please RSVP to erin.kimber@canterbury.ac.nz

Though I still suspect that like me, come the end of Conference, you will still be desperately thinking of ways to get out of it.  Maybe a bad headache would work??



As you may have already discovered, we’ve been talking about and promoting conference via this blog, the LIANZA website, Twitter, Facebook, Library Life, LIANZA regional newsletters & blogs, flickr.com, list-serv announcements and word-of-mouth.

We’ve got some questions for you, the potential conference attendee.

Firstly, we’d like to feedback about what’s working for you in terms of finding out about conference.

Are you taking advantage of RSS feeds? Do you re-Tweet? Are you a “long-time lurker, first-time commenter”? Are you using the LIANZA09 tag?

We’d like to know how you are talking about conference, in your workplace, with colleagues, on list-servs, throughout your regions.

Secondly, how will you be reporting while you are at conference? Are you planning to blog during conference – will it be via a personal blog or a workplace blog? Will you be tweeting? Will you be updating your Facebook page? Are you likely to use mobile technology?

The week prior conference we’ll be looking to promote ways in which those folks who can’t make conference can keep up-to-date with the happenings at conference. We’d like to give your online presence a plug, so we’ll be putting out the call for links to your online conference reporting – so be prepared to send us a link or two.

Aussie comedy The Librarians is having a second season in Oz. Much in the same way as Paula Ryan’s comments on librarian ‘fashion’ made a lotta librarians grumpy, this series divided librarian viewers between those who found it droll and those who found it repulsive.

Here’s a clip from the latest series. What do you reckon? Close to the bone, or wide o’the mark?

Flying into Heathrow...

Flying into Heathrow...

Hi, my name is Libby Church. And I’m in London. Having the best time of my life…

I don’t know if you have registered yet for the LIANZA 2009 Conference, or think you will – but I just want to say a few words about how much fun going to a Conference is, and how it has changed my life. I, like many of you, love my job as a Librarian – all that interacting with books, people and knowledge. So inspiring! But lately I had been feeling down on myself. My boyfriend dumped me, my career was going nowhere, a new pimple had just appeared on the end of my nose…and that’s when a colleague suggested: “Have you thought about applying to go to a Conference?”

So I thought about it. What would going to a Conference do for me? Actually, plenty. For a start, I’d get out of the city for a while, away from that evil ex-boyfriend of mine. I’d be travelling, expenses (mostly) paid to a new place I’d never been before. I’d find out what’s happening on the cutting edge of my profession. Plus it would look great on my resume once I’d got back home. And – I’d meet colleagues in my field, heck maybe even befriend one or two. And who’s to say I might not meet a sexy young man to replace the old one? Strange things happen when you’re on Conference. As I’m finding out! I’ve just landed at Heathrow Airport, ready for a Conference at the British Library, then off to Paris for a Conference at La Bibliothèque nationale de France. Applying for the grant to go was a bit nerve-wracking, but not nearly as hard as I thought. I’m seriously going to apply for LIANZA Conference 2009 too – I will see y’all there!
In the meantime, check me out on facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/people/Libby-Church/1318458549