Megan Ingle - Promotions and Communications Sub-committee...boss

Megan Ingle, promoting and communicating a specialty

In our continuing quest to give the people behind this year’s LIANZA Conference a face, we tracked down Promotions and Communications Chair Megan Ingle and asked her a few questions…

Kia ora Megan, you’re comparatively new to the library field aren’t you? What’s your background (in libraries and out)?

True, I’m relatively new to the library world, having only stepped out into the world as a qualified librarian at the end of 2006.

In 2005, I made the sideways shift into the library/information/records/archives world after spending several years in research, publishing and specialist bookselling roles. I decided to tackle an M.L.I.S. through Victoria University of Wellington and survived two-thirds of the course as a full-time student (one semester on-campus and then one semester by distance) before I actually started work in a library at the end of 2005. I finally managed to complete the rest of my M.L.I.S. by October 2006.

I’ve worked for Christchurch City Libraries since the end of 2005, and have had the opportunity to be a Library Assistant, an Information Librarian and a Children’s & Young Adults’ Librarian before settling into the role of Selection & Access Librarian.

Being part of a profession which allows me to indulge my interest in printed books, the web, audiovisual materials, multimedia experiences, diverse people, research, building design … to name but a few areas … all in all, it’s a really good fit for someone like me who is interested in lots of different things and can go a-hunting for the answers to weird and wonderful questions.

You’re the chair for the Promotions and Communications Sub-committee. What exactly does that sub-committee do?

We’re responsible for making sure folks (both within New Zealand and overseas) know about the upcoming conference in October 2009.

At the moment, there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes planning for upcoming promotional work. We’ve been investigating ways to ensure that we target as wide a market as possible, including New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, as well as a variety of IFLA regions, and non-traditional/non-library areas.

So far, we’ve been making use of a range of different technologies and communications streams to make sure that we cast a wide net for folks who will want to attend conference. This can take the form of postings on a multitude of list-servs, contributing to the LIANZA 2009 Conference blog, updating our Facebook page, taking photos to post to Flickr, writing articles for regional LIANZA newsletters and LIANZA’s monthly Library Life. We’re also looking at options for Twitter and YouTube.

And we’re working with the other sub-committees (e.g. Programme, Bi-cultural, Social, Sponsorship) to make sure the important topics from each of these areas are shared with potential conference attendees. (more…)