Big drum roll… here are the details of what you will enjoy at SOL Square this time next week!

We promise you a fantastic line up of bars, restaurants and entertainment as seen in the video.

When you purchase a SOL Square card for $45, you receive a booklet detailing the restaurants and bars accepting our SOL Square card and offering discounts.  The SOL Square card can be used to pay for your meal at some establishments, whilst other establishments may use it to offer discounts.  You can buy a SOL Square card at the conference registration desk to take advantage of special deals and discounted drinks!  Unable to attend conference? Come down after work and take this great networking opportunity to dine, enjoy the entertainment and company.

Some menus are available from the SOL Square website. If booking tables, this can be done directly with the restaurant.

New to conference or attending on your own? Aoraki hosts will be at a designated venue to meet, greet and get the party started.  The venue to meet at will be advertised during conference.

Some fantastic local bands have been organised for you to dance the night away with.  LunaFunk are playing @ Fat Eddies from 7.30 pm.  This five piece band play funk, soul, motown and disco with a fresh polished funky sound.  The band will commence as a 2 piece while you are having dinner, and then 3 more will join them to raise the tempo at 10 pm.

At Cartel, a 2 piece Country/Blue Grass Band will be playing from 10 pm.

At Mexican Cafe, The Young Juans, a 5 piece latin / funk band will be playing from 7pm ole!

This is shaping up to be a memorable night, with over 200 people attending.  See you there!


Wow, I’m really jazzed about this whole SOL Square evening on the second day of conference.  I’ve never been there before but if the following video is anything to go by it really will be a good night.

That pizza looks especially yummy but on the other hand recent adventures have given me a taste for French champagne (espesh Perrier-Jouët, dahlings) so La Petite Croix might be the way to go.

I’ve got to remember to get my SOL Square card sorted so that I can take advantage of associated discounts (I’m a sucker for loyalty cards anyway.  I’ve got a wallet full of those things) and then all I’ve got to worry about is what to wear…and how I’m going to manage going to sessions the next day.

In Victoria Square close to the Convention Centre

In Victoria Square close to the Convention Centre

Well, the LIANZA Conference is now only a couple of weeks away.   I feel I’m ready for another Conference – after all, London and Paris was months ago now.  Time for another one!

Is anyone out there intending to blog or tweet at Conference?  It would be great to know who is, so I can keep up with things on my laptop in my hotel room – when I’m not actually at Conference, or partying on down with delegates. Definitely looking forward to the Sol Square dinner – I hope to check out the band at Fat Eddies, and maybe grabbing sushi and sake at Ishimoto.    And really looking forward to meeting all the newbies at the Newcomers morning tea.

Christchurch may not be London or Paris, but it’s a beautiful city with it’s own history and stories.  LIANZA Conference 2009, here I come!

Now that I’m a seasoned conference veteran (not that I like to skite or anything) what I’ve noticed is really useful is getting some idea about the location or “neighbourhood” of the conference beforehand (that mission to find the Metro station in Paris could so easily have been avoided with a little forward planning).

After all, I’ll need my wits about me to try and take in all the wonderful new ideas I’ll be exposed to at conference, I don’t want to expend precious brain or leg energy on an Odyssey to find a cash machine.

Just as well those bright sparks on the Promotions and Communications Sub-committee for LIANZA Conference 2009 have thought ahead and made this video for us.  What thoughtful gals they are…

I hear whispers there may be a handy-dandy map that goes with this video as well.  I’ll see if I can find it for you.  Stay tuned.

You might meet some interesting people

You might meet some interesting people

LIANZA sponsors several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and most of them are taking the opportunity to meet with members during the course of Conference.

These events are scattered throughout Conference, and include formal workshops, AGMs and informal meetings.  I hear that the SLIS one even involves food (Strawberry Fare on Tuesday morning  for breakfast- yummo!), if there was ever a good time to become a special librarian…

More information can be found in the Conference Programme, and on the SIG list-servs.

And if you are organising a SIG event – let us know and we’ll spread the word!

Don't be afraid of being the newbie

Don't be afraid of being the newbie

You don’t have to be Nigel No-mates. For those who are coming to the LIANZA Conference for the first time, a Newcomers Morning tea will be provided on the second day (Tuesday 13th), at 10.30am. This welcome is extended to all attendees, of all ages, creeds, shapes and sizes. Enjoy the chance to meet with other newbies and make some friends. If you’re coming to Conference for the first time, leave a reply to this post – we’d love to hear from you.

Indeed, there is a cut-off date for those of you who are rushing around trying to get your funding sorted. It is Friday the 11th of September, yes, that’s this Friday. tick tock tick tock

So get busy y’all. Make sure you have all your information at the ready, from your LIANZA membership number to credit card details (either yours or someone else’s if they are paying for you … or you could be invoiced instead), and a vague idea of what sessions you might be interested in attending. And make sure you get your SOL Square “ticket” as well.

Get your typing fingers to the ready, and off you go!

Here’s the place to be : Registration page of the LIANZA 2009 Conference website.

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