As you may have already discovered, we’ve been talking about and promoting conference via this blog, the LIANZA website, Twitter, Facebook, Library Life, LIANZA regional newsletters & blogs,, list-serv announcements and word-of-mouth.

We’ve got some questions for you, the potential conference attendee.

Firstly, we’d like to feedback about what’s working for you in terms of finding out about conference.

Are you taking advantage of RSS feeds? Do you re-Tweet? Are you a “long-time lurker, first-time commenter”? Are you using the LIANZA09 tag?

We’d like to know how you are talking about conference, in your workplace, with colleagues, on list-servs, throughout your regions.

Secondly, how will you be reporting while you are at conference? Are you planning to blog during conference – will it be via a personal blog or a workplace blog? Will you be tweeting? Will you be updating your Facebook page? Are you likely to use mobile technology?

The week prior conference we’ll be looking to promote ways in which those folks who can’t make conference can keep up-to-date with the happenings at conference. We’d like to give your online presence a plug, so we’ll be putting out the call for links to your online conference reporting – so be prepared to send us a link or two.


lianza09How should you connect conference related photos, blog posts etc? Tag them!

With what?


So anyone who searches on this tag can see everything related to the LIANZA Conference 2009 in Christchurch.

It’s do-able! We’d love to have your posts and photos to reflect the range of conference happenings and opinions.

You can also use a conference badge to highlight your conference connections.

Tag away!

For some of you LIANZA Conference 2009 may be your first but most others will have at least one conference under their belts already.  Why not take a little time out of your busy day to reminisce?  Photo galleries are available for 2004 onwards, so check out the images below (click on an image to go to the gallery) and remember the good times!

Auckland 2004