Okay, so this Married to the sea cartoon is a wee bit risqué but we’re all grown-ups here, aren’t we?  Still, I’ll hide it after the jump for those of you with a sensitive disposition. (more…)


Cripps, Bloods, Killa Beez – gang warfare is nothing new but who woulda thought that reading material used threats of violence against each other?  Daily cartoon Married to the sea clearly has more insight into this state of affairs than the average punter (or even doting librarians).
I wonder which the “toughest” books would be? Motor manuals or encyclopaedias (throwing their weight around)?

Are they that staff the mobile book buses of a separate breed than the average desk-bound librarian?  I wouldn’t have necessarily thought so but apparently Dave Whamond of Reality Check has specific notions on what makes a mobile librarian. (more…)

What would a librarian’s idea of hell be…if the librarian in question were a chicken? I know I’ve lain awake at night pondering that very question, but no more. Savage chickens has the answer after the jump… (more…)

Look, nobody likes Monday that much do they? Check back here every week for one (possibly tenuously) library-related link of mirth. For our first outing how about a little humour involving weapon-bearing library patrons?