Wow, I’m really jazzed about this whole SOL Square evening on the second day of conference.  I’ve never been there before but if the following video is anything to go by it really will be a good night.

That pizza looks especially yummy but on the other hand recent adventures have given me a taste for French champagne (espesh Perrier-Jouët, dahlings) so La Petite Croix might be the way to go.

I’ve got to remember to get my SOL Square card sorted so that I can take advantage of associated discounts (I’m a sucker for loyalty cards anyway.  I’ve got a wallet full of those things) and then all I’ve got to worry about is what to wear…and how I’m going to manage going to sessions the next day.

In Victoria Square close to the Convention Centre

In Victoria Square close to the Convention Centre

Well, the LIANZA Conference is now only a couple of weeks away.   I feel I’m ready for another Conference – after all, London and Paris was months ago now.  Time for another one!

Is anyone out there intending to blog or tweet at Conference?  It would be great to know who is, so I can keep up with things on my laptop in my hotel room – when I’m not actually at Conference, or partying on down with delegates. Definitely looking forward to the Sol Square dinner – I hope to check out the band at Fat Eddies, and maybe grabbing sushi and sake at Ishimoto.    And really looking forward to meeting all the newbies at the Newcomers morning tea.

Christchurch may not be London or Paris, but it’s a beautiful city with it’s own history and stories.  LIANZA Conference 2009, here I come!

I’ve just flown back home from France. Having just spent two weeks in Lyon with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle John. Having just come from a library Conference in Paris. Having just come from a library Conference in London. My life is awesome!

To think, just a few months ago I’d been dumped by my boyfriend, career going nowhere, never been out of the country…I wish my old boyfriend could see me now – who knew a career in libraries could be so glamorous and exciting? What am I even talking about – who cares about him? Too much to do! I have to register for the LIANZA Conference in Christchurch before early bird registration closes – that’s on the 28th August! Another feather to put in my cap – I’ll be a Conference pro almost.

Wasn’t I silly to worry about going to my first Conference – everyone was so friendly and being a newbie had it’s advantages, with people taking me under their wings and showing me around the place. I hope I stay in touch with all the people I’ve met. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about registering for LIANZA Conference, don’t leave it too late and miss the early bird rate – the more money you can save your employer, the more Conferences you can go to!

You can register here.

Bibliotheque national du France

Bibliotheque national du France

I’m now blogging from Paris, darlings. I caught the red eye out from London. Always wanted to say that!! I feel so worldly – Paris is everything I thought it would be and more. The people are elegant and refined, the food is spectacular, and the history and culture surrounding me everywhere is just mind-boggling. I saw the Eiffel tower from the taxi on my way in to the Conference this morning…

The library Conference is being held at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and is about “Libraries now and into the future”. Check out this picture of the interior of the library. Amazing! It’s really inspiring for me to understand libraries in the international context, and I’ll be able to apply what I learn here to this years LIANZA Conference. The theme of that Conference is He Tangata, he tangata, he tangata (The People, the people, the people).

I’m particularly interested in sucession planning for the library profession, as in NZ in general the proportion of mature to junior younger librarians is quite high. What happens when the baby boomers start retiring? I see in the LIANZA Conference programme there’s a paper on the University of Wollongong Library Professional Cadets, I must make a note to catch that and see what they’re doing about this challenge.

Anyway, back to France, after this Conference finishes up I’ll be meeting my Aunt Sarah and Uncle John in Lyon, where they live. Can’t believe I’m getting paid to have a free trip to France to see my relatives! Of course I’ll have to get myself to Lyon, but getting to France was the hard bit! I’m so glad I bit the bullet and applied for this grant – my life will never be the same, it will always be coloured by the experiences I’ve had here. I am officially a fully-fledged bonafide Conference junkie!!

Flying into Heathrow...

Flying into Heathrow...

Hi, my name is Libby Church. And I’m in London. Having the best time of my life…

I don’t know if you have registered yet for the LIANZA 2009 Conference, or think you will – but I just want to say a few words about how much fun going to a Conference is, and how it has changed my life. I, like many of you, love my job as a Librarian – all that interacting with books, people and knowledge. So inspiring! But lately I had been feeling down on myself. My boyfriend dumped me, my career was going nowhere, a new pimple had just appeared on the end of my nose…and that’s when a colleague suggested: “Have you thought about applying to go to a Conference?”

So I thought about it. What would going to a Conference do for me? Actually, plenty. For a start, I’d get out of the city for a while, away from that evil ex-boyfriend of mine. I’d be travelling, expenses (mostly) paid to a new place I’d never been before. I’d find out what’s happening on the cutting edge of my profession. Plus it would look great on my resume once I’d got back home. And – I’d meet colleagues in my field, heck maybe even befriend one or two. And who’s to say I might not meet a sexy young man to replace the old one? Strange things happen when you’re on Conference. As I’m finding out! I’ve just landed at Heathrow Airport, ready for a Conference at the British Library, then off to Paris for a Conference at La Bibliothèque nationale de France. Applying for the grant to go was a bit nerve-wracking, but not nearly as hard as I thought. I’m seriously going to apply for LIANZA Conference 2009 too – I will see y’all there!
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