Didn’t get funding to come to Conference?  Still want to know what goes on?  Here are some of the people covering it.

http://lianzablog2009.datacom.co.nz – A suite of blogs featuring such blogoholics as LibraryKris, Corin Haines and our own Mo-mo.  See what’s been updated lately via Netvibes.

http://ania30.wordpress.com/ – Library student and winner of Te Hikuwai Region scholarship Hydestor prize

http://deborahfitchett.blogspot.com/ – Live-blogged last year, likely to update regularly this.

http://diligentroom.wordpress.com/ – Many hands make light work?

http://www.paulhayton.co.nz/blog – Inveterate web 2.0er, presenting on such at conference.

http://cclbibliofile.wordpress.com/ – Christchurch City Libraries professional blog. They’ll be sending a swag of staff along some of whom will blog it.

There’s also the Twitterati – this just a selection of folks who may be tweeting during conference. Add them to your following list to keep an eye on what they have to say.

Ania30 MagLib Paddy Plunket Vye Perrone Moira Fraser Chelsea@NatLib Brenda Chawner Kris Hana Mirla Adrian Corin Susanne Newton Courtney@NatLib Paul Hayton Deborah Fitchett Nat Torkington Tim Greig Aotearoa People’s Network

The FriendFeed will also let you know what’s coming through via blogs, Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube to do with LIANZA Conference 2009.  And as always, if you know of someone who’s feeding their conference experience out via the web then post the URL as a comment below.