Today’s offering features a quirky musical vignette from Dunedin band Haunted Love in which librarians epitomise the saying that “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

I don’t know about you but when I kill gum-chewing patrons it’s always in black and white…

According to the credits, filmed on location at Dunedin Public Library.  Can any other libraries in New Zealand brag that they’ve featured in a music video?


So we’ve had a pop song penned by one of our Keynote speakers so why not a ditty about that most alluring of women…the library girl.

If I had dollar for every time an imaginary Norwegian boyband wearing beanies serenaded me while I’m trying to do a reference enquiry…

This is quite a lovely little song from a chap called Joe Uveges who knows his way around library-related sexual innuendo. Saucy, but also rather sweet in its way – if this doesn’t make you smile you must be made of stone.

Truly, encouraging information literacy has never seemed so laden with flirtatiousness to me. I must be doing it wrong.