…and start your engines.  Early bird registration for LIANZA Conference 2009 opens today!  As we all know, the early bird gets the worm, or in this case a cheaper price and nobody’s got tons of extra money these days do they?  So it’s worth getting in early.  Well unless, that is, you’re thinking of becoming a fresh, shiny, new LIANZA member in which case you should hold off in case you’re the lucky winner of a free conference registration.

The winner will be contacted in the first week of August and earlybird registration will remain open until later that month so if you’ve just joined LIANZA for the first time a “wait and see” approach is probably the smart one.  The rest of you hardened conference campaigners should think about getting yourselves over to the Conference website and filling in the registration form.

In other news your organising committee has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on this year’s programme and all the information on sessions, speakers and social events are now available in the registration brochure so feel free to peruse this at your leisure.  We’ll be blogging about some of the content starting from next week so check back here for the skinny on what this year’s conference has in store.

This child is not a LIANZA member but probably wont enter the competition.  More chance for you to win then!

This child is not a LIANZA member but probably won't enter the competition. More chance for you to win then!

Librarians. We spend our working lives trying to make things as uncomplicated as possible but sometimes we’re rather gifted at making things confusing.  It seems our explanation of what you had to do to be in the draw for free conference registration wasn’t quite as clear as we thought it was.  To that end here’s a further explanation of who is eligible and what you have to do (hardly anything!).

The LIANZA 2009 Conference Committee is very excited to offer one FREE registration to a first time LIANZA member who joins and pays their LIANZA membership fees between 1st June and 31st July 2009. Each first time LIANZA member will be put in a prize draw, collated by LIANZA National Office. The winner will be contacted in first week of August 2009, and once prize has been accepted, the winner’s name will be announced on the Conference website and in other forums.

So we’re really looking for those new to the profession to get a chance to attend a conference so we can keep that fresh blood coming through (aging profession, blah dee blah).

Acknowledge the past
Embrace the present
Advance the future…and all that jazz.

So feel free to shoulder-tap that library assistant/MLIS student or freshly hatched librarian who’s not a LIANZA member…yet.  Maybe you could do a quick poll around your workplace to find out who is and who isn’t signed up?

...and so could you!


I know, sounds too good to be true don’t it?  You’re wondering what the catch is, aren’t ya?  And of course there is one but don’t worry you won’t have to sign over your firstborn or anything.

Basically, we’d like to encourage newbies to this year’s LIANZA conference, we still want all you hardened veterans to come along too, but in the interests of strengthening the profession, of acknowledging the past, embracing the present, and particularly advancing the future we’d like some people who are new or newish to the profession to come along and get the LIANZA conference experience.

As a way of enticing such folk, LIANZA have put one early bird conference registration up for grabs to anyone who signs up as a new LIANZA member, so if you know of someone who’s not in the club and who you think would really benefit from being in the organisation (and who also might like to go to conference) then you might want to give them a nudge in the direction of the online membership form.

Here’s the official stuff –

Conditions of entry (more…)