If you are all about Web 2 0r 3.0, the semantic web and all the fizz and buzz of new technology, applications and things Webby which Conference sessions will suit you?

Here’s a sampler to whet your appetite:

Richard Stallman: Copyright vs community in the age of computer networks

Talking to the world: using online identities for professional (and personal) communication

Brenda Chawner and Timothy Greig’s session takes on a real issue, identities and blurring the lines between the personal and the professional when it comes to identifying yourself (are colleagues your friends on Facebook? Do you use your real name?):

As … online social networks become more pervasive, people in professional positions increasingly find that their networks include family and friends, as well as colleagues.This blend of personal and professional communication in multiple channels presents them with both challenges and opportunities. Most importantly, it provides a way for them to engage with people outside their immediate circles, but it can also make it difficult for people to know the identity of individuals they communicate with.

Concurrent session 6A: Fully Web 2.0

Library2.0 in rural outposts: developing a digital presence – Michael Parry. This session explores how a small town library has entered the blogosphere http://tararualibrary.wordpress.com/

Implementing Web 2.0 – Paul Hayton. Dunedin Public Library engages with its community via Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, WordPress, Wikipedia and other web 2.0 stalwarts. They’ll talk about how they do it, and how you might like to do it in your library.

Web 2.OhMyGod to Web 2.OhNo – Douglas Campbell, Chelsea Hughes, Courtney Johnston, CJ Wells. This sounds like a ripper from the National Library:

Libraries have fully embraced Web 2.0. We’re blogging, MySpacing, Facebooking, Twittering, Flickring, Beboing and SecondLifing. We’re self-congratulatory. We finally did it! Or did we…? … It’s time to take a look back over the first wave to see how libraries have used and abused Web 2.0. We’ll expose the good, the bad and the ugly, with a view to self-improvement.


One of the coolest Twopointopy Things is LibraryThing, and Conference brings you the inimitable Tim Spalding on Social cataloguing – What it is, and what it means for libraries.

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Sally Tweets