passportUnder normal circumstances I would have said a “passport to exhibitionism” would likely come in a margarita glass.  But funnily enough this isn’t what Conference organisers had in mind when they came up with the ‘Exhibition Passport’ you’ll get as part of your registration pack.  So what manner of document is this passport and does it require posing for a horribly unflattering photo?  In short, no.

The idea is that you trot around checking out the wares of the various Exhibitors’ stands, collecting stamps for your “passport” as you go.  If you manage to get to around half of the stands (ie you get forty stamps) then you’ll go in the draw to win a prize donated by Conference sponsor, New Zealand Micrographic Services Ltd.

Once you’ve got your forty stamps, post your passport (don’t forget to write your name on it!) into one of the entry boxes in the exhibition area by 1.30pm on Wednesday.  The prize draw will take place at the closing ceremony at 3.30pm and you have to be there to collect your prize or you’ll miss out.  The prize in question is a 1TB LaCie Hard Disk.  That’s a terrabyte of memory folks!  And don’t feel bad if you don’t know how big that is, I had to ask too (1TB = 1000GB).

The National Library of New Zealand stand has prizey goodness on offer as well with Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa t-shirts to be won (green is the new black).  Expert advice will also be available in the form of staff from the People’s Network, Content Services, Digital Services, Te Puna and so on but not all at the same time so make sure to check the schedule for the best time to drop by.   Mysterious prizes will be available for some lucky souls who attend presentations (and there’s talk of a quiz) so be sure to include the National Library stand on your ‘itinerary’.

I hear-tell Cardquip is dangling a digital camera shaped carrot to tempt delegates towards their stand and the chances are good that other exhibitors will have prizes and competitions on offer so keep your eyes and ears open when you’re out and about collecting your passport stamps!


BlueRibbonThe 3M Award for ‘Innovation in Libraries’ is a prestigious peer voted award that has been sponsored by 3M New Zealand Ltd in conjunction with LIANZA since 1996. It highlights the stellar work done in New Zealand libraries.

Voting is by Conference delegates who will have received an email from Conference Innovators with a link to the voting page.  Voting closes 2.30pm Monday 12 October.

But everyone can view the finalists’ powerpoint presentations and feel proud of the smart thinking and innovation taking place in our own backyard. The 2009 finalists are:

The finalists will show their presentations at Conference, 11.45am on Monday 12 October and the winner will be announced at the LIANZA Awards

 3M Award for Innovation – Previous Trophy Winners
1996 – Information Services – Special Education Service Cost effective CD-ROM Database Distribution project
1997 – Hama Whakapapa Restoration and Research Database project
1998 – Auckland War Memorial Museum Library Cenotaph database project
1999 – Christchurch College of Education NZEdSearch
2000 – Horowhenua Library Trust Koha – a free library Web based database
2001 – Southland Boys’ High School Real Men Read Books
2002 – Manukau City Libraries Tupu – Dawson Road Youth Library project
2003 – Parliamentary Library Infocus
2004 – Puke Ariki Taranaki Information Network
2005 – National Library with Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Manukau Public Libraries AnyQuestions
2006 – eLGAR – Auckland City, Waitakere, Rodney, North Shore and Manukau Libraries Smarter Systems Project
2007 – Horowhenua Library Trust Kete Horowhenua
2008 – Massey University Library Connecting Virtually With Our Students

Big drum roll… here are the details of what you will enjoy at SOL Square this time next week!

We promise you a fantastic line up of bars, restaurants and entertainment as seen in the video.

When you purchase a SOL Square card for $45, you receive a booklet detailing the restaurants and bars accepting our SOL Square card and offering discounts.  The SOL Square card can be used to pay for your meal at some establishments, whilst other establishments may use it to offer discounts.  You can buy a SOL Square card at the conference registration desk to take advantage of special deals and discounted drinks!  Unable to attend conference? Come down after work and take this great networking opportunity to dine, enjoy the entertainment and company.

Some menus are available from the SOL Square website. If booking tables, this can be done directly with the restaurant.

New to conference or attending on your own? Aoraki hosts will be at a designated venue to meet, greet and get the party started.  The venue to meet at will be advertised during conference.

Some fantastic local bands have been organised for you to dance the night away with.  LunaFunk are playing @ Fat Eddies from 7.30 pm.  This five piece band play funk, soul, motown and disco with a fresh polished funky sound.  The band will commence as a 2 piece while you are having dinner, and then 3 more will join them to raise the tempo at 10 pm.

At Cartel, a 2 piece Country/Blue Grass Band will be playing from 10 pm.

At Mexican Cafe, The Young Juans, a 5 piece latin / funk band will be playing from 7pm ole!

This is shaping up to be a memorable night, with over 200 people attending.  See you there!

Corin Haines, web-citizen and Manager of Digital Services at Manukau Libraries has an interesting proposition for those attending conference…

I have been aware for some time that although we librarians are active in the digital space, and people do blog about conference, we have never really had a cohesive and co-ordinated blogging of the conference experience. With this in mind, I was talking with Datacom a few weeks back and they volunteered to set up a WordPress server that could be used as a platform for setting up a blog community associated with conference.

This has just been set up and so I would like to invite anyone interested to go to, register a blog and have a go at blogging their conference. We have called this site the LIANZA Conference 2009 Blog Community but I would like to stress this is in no way associated with the official conference blog and I am not part of the organising committee and this is not an official LIANZA Conference 2009 resource. [Blog ed – it might not sound like it but he likes us really ;-)]

You will notice that on the site homepage there is an Updated Blogs section, so you will be able to check back here to see which blogs have been updated and follow the links through to read them. Also, I will be updating the main LIANZA Conference 2009 Blog Community blog with a list of all blogs created, so people can easily view all the blogs associated with conference that have been created on this site. The intention is to close off all blogs at the end of conference so this can be a defined record of participant’s conference experience.

I myself will be blogging, tweeting and vlogging from conference, so I hope you tune in and leave a comment or four.

Why not give this a go? Even if you only post one entry for each day, it will contribute to the record of the event.

I look forward to seeing you all at the conference.

So there you have it folks.  This might be particularly appealing to those of you who don’t have your own blog already but are keen to test the waters.  As Corin mentioned, we’ll be posting a list of URLs to the blogs, Twitters etc. that we know about that will be covering conference and we’ll add links to blogs hosted on the Datacom WordPress server AND if you tag til you just can’t tag no more (lianza09 or #lianza09 for you tweeters) then your contributions will also be captured in the Friendfeed.

Let’s share and document and describe and opine as only information professionals can.

Did you know that Richard Stallman was interviewed by Kim Hill on Saturday?  I missed it but ended up listening to the podcast yesterday.  It’s pretty interesting listening.  He covers a lot of topics including 911 “conspiracy” theories, airport security in the US and why he considers some kinds of electronic surveillance to be deeply disconcerting in terms of the way they put a lot of power into the hands of law enforcement (which the public then has to take on trust will not be exploited).  Pretty thought-provoking stuff.

His views are perhaps on the more extreme end of the range to my own but I think the basic principle of his arguments are sound.  Kim Hill however seemed quite annoyed with him, repeatedly accusing him of saying things he hadn’t and extrapolating wildly though I suppose it gave him the opportunity to clearly define what his specific view was on several things, but why so grumpy, Kim?  Another surprise is that he sounds a bit like Woody Allen (which is something that a fellow librarian pointed out, and I have to agree).

If you’re looking for a little background radio to listen to this afternoon, why not check out the podcast for yourself? It runs to just over 39 minutes and LIANZA Conference gets a mention (yay!).  I can’t wait to hear what he says in his keynote address.  I wager it’ll generate quite a lot of debate so make sure you get along to that one.  You don’t want to miss out on the “watercooler conversation” that’ll go on afterwards.

Well, we all have busy lives and no mistake.  Sometimes it really is a challenge to get to the gym, but luckily your workout worries are over, for The Betty Glover Library Workout tape (ca. 1987) is here to help.  Tremendous.

Wow, that lady is scary.  Come on you “library desk-potatoes”, one and two, one and two…

Or if you’re really after a bit of physical exercise while you’re in Christchurch for conference, you could always just go for a walk around Hagley Park, hire a bike, or get a visitor’s pass for a local gym.

Kia ora Conference folk, it’s not long now before the all-singing all-dancing LIANZA Conference kicks off.  Be sure to check back here next week for your pre-Conference info.  We’ll be keeping you in the loop about various goings on including a competition, the lowdown on your conference MC and various other tidbits.  Stay tuned!