Even this kitten is on Twitter so why arent you social networking

Making IT (and kittens) work for you

Corin Haines is the Manager of Digital Services at Manukau Libraries and will be delivering a session on IT at this year’s conference.  We asked him if he’d care to enlighten us on what he’ll be talking about and he said yes.  Yay!

Last week I listened to a fantastic interview with Courtney Johnston from National Library in the New Technology section of Kathryn Ryan’s Nine-Noon show. In this she talked about the use of technology in the GLAM sector, which was perfectly timed for me as I refine one of the sessions I will be co-presenting at Conference. Courtney’s enthusiasm and passion for this area, served to remind me of exactly why the potential of social media is so wonderful for libraries.

The Tuesday of Conference is sponsored by Datacom and in the morning of this day I am presenting a session called “Making IT work for you” with Warwick Grey from H.P. In this session we will look at new technology, how you can use it and how you can leverage social media to engage with library customers.

In the social media part of our talk, we will look at how to use a mini video camera to quickly film online content and upload it to make it available in minutes. How to take multiple information sources and create a Mash Up and generate new content. How Twitter can be used within the library setting to not only engage with library users online, but create communities of interest.

Also, this year during conference I will be tweeting and vlogging my conference experience. This will include covering sessions, conversations with vendors and attendees, and of course the social activities.

Social media is all around us and libraries are perfectly placed to take advantage of it to connect with their customers. In fact it is already being used by libraries in New Zealand and around the world to great effect, and the best thing is it is achievable, low cost and usually requires little infrastructure. I hope you come along to our Tuesday morning session and take advantage of the other sessions at conference dealing with social media, and if you haven’t already begin to dip your feet in the water.

Come on in, the water’s fine!