Today’s post comes from Elizabeth Whyte of CPIT library who is involved with “a session with a difference” at this year’s conference.  Here she lets folks know a little more about what’s in store…

Still a little unsure about what to make of the ‘What Would You Do? – Doing More with Less’ unconference/Pecha Kucha session? Here are a few tidbits of info that might give you the confidence to jump up and present your own creative solutions, ideas, or even pose questions to your audience of participants.

Dan Pink from Wired magazine wrote a short and snappy description about Pecha Kucha and, to illustrate, has had a go at creating and presenting on a topic close to his heart: signs.

You might want to check out the official Pecha Kucha Night site to find a bit about the origins of Pecha Kucha and to get a flavour of what happens at these worldwide events. Those of you lucky enough to be in or near Christchurch or Dunedin will have the chance to experience Pecha Kucha firsthand on September 16th when both cities are hosting a Night.  As you’ll see from the site, they are popping up all over New Zealand!

New Zealand Open Government recently held a Barcamp which they described as an “alternative, participant-driven event “.  Some of you might have attended or heard about others that did.

How do these sessions relate to libraries in particular? Check out Walt Crawford’s wiki of a variety of library-associated unconferences and barcamps held over the past year or two. They should give you a good idea of how these types of sessions have been adapted and used in a library environment.

Our session is ‘in the spirit’ of these sorts of events and will therefore borrow elements from right across all of them. The key thing to remember is that the topics and how they are presented is up to you. Start the conversation here; post your questions and ideas in the comments to get the ball rolling.
Most importantly: Have Fun!

Also, don’t forget Deborah Fitchett’s  ‘Getting People On-side: making allies to support your innovation’ . It promises to be another interactive participant-based session in a similar vein. It’s on in the morning so you could almost have an entire day of un-conferenc-ing !

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