So by now you have worked out that you would like to hear the keynotes, definitely have something to say at the un-unconference and can’t wait to get all messy in Sol Square. The only thing left is to work out how the dickens you are going to afford it all.

There’s no doubt that LIANZA Conference  2009 is value for money, but it ain’t cheap. Luckily funding options abound. First of all try your workplace. They can only say no. Or what about your local LIANZA committee?  Hikuwai, Aoraki and Otago/Southland are all offering money for professional development. It’s worth a shot. Same goes for the Special Interest Groups. CatSIG is offering sponsorship to a member. If other SIGs or committees are offering sponsorship, maybe you could comment here?

Ok, so now you have an idea of who to ask, next up the boring bit – writing an application.  Where do you start?  Here’s a template for a Learning and Development Proposal from the ALIA New Librarians group. It gives you a rough idea of what to address when asking for money. Make sure you say you will write a report or deliver a feedback session, so others can benefit from the knowledge you gain at conference.  That makes you sound really good.

So hop to  it – deadlines are looming.