I’ve just flown back home from France. Having just spent two weeks in Lyon with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle John. Having just come from a library Conference in Paris. Having just come from a library Conference in London. My life is awesome!

To think, just a few months ago I’d been dumped by my boyfriend, career going nowhere, never been out of the country…I wish my old boyfriend could see me now – who knew a career in libraries could be so glamorous and exciting? What am I even talking about – who cares about him? Too much to do! I have to register for the LIANZA Conference in Christchurch before early bird registration closes – that’s on the 28th August! Another feather to put in my cap – I’ll be a Conference pro almost.

Wasn’t I silly to worry about going to my first Conference – everyone was so friendly and being a newbie had it’s advantages, with people taking me under their wings and showing me around the place. I hope I stay in touch with all the people I’ve met. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about registering for LIANZA Conference, don’t leave it too late and miss the early bird rate – the more money you can save your employer, the more Conferences you can go to!

You can register here.