Well isn’t Twitter just the social networking tool du jour?  Everyone from John Campbell to Miley Cyrus to Oliver Driver’s dog Jack (every man and his dog really do have a Twitter account) is on there…and so are we!  Though we’ve got significantly less “followers” than those three.  Less popular than a quasi-celebrity dog, that’s us!

But we do have what I consider to be a very healthy 76 followers.  So what if Miss Cyrus has over a million?  And Jack Driver has over 400?  Well, okay we might be a wee bit jealous so do us a favour and make friends with us in the Twitterverse? 

In return we’ll keep you posted on Conference related developments such as when Earlybird Registrations open (very imminent) and what’s hot in the Conference Programme (including the social side of things)  and we’ll be doing it in the most succinct fashion possible.

Please come tweet with us…and all together now “He rocks in the treetops all day long, hopping and a bopping and a singing his song…”