If there is such a thing as a “bigwig” in the library world then surely the President of IFLA (or for those like things wordy, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) would fit the bill.  For the last two years Prof. Claudia Lux, Director General of the Foundation Central and Regional Library, Berlin, (the biggest Metropolitan Library in Germany) has held this position.

By the time LIANZA Conference 2009 rolls around (and October’s not so very far away folks) Prof. Lux will be the outgoing IFLA President with current “president-elect” Ellen Tise filling the role.  Those of us involved in planning this year’s conference, particularly the Programme sub-committee are thrilled that someone of Lux’s knowledge and stature has agreed to participate in this year’s conference.

During her presidency “Libraries on the agenda!” has been her motto.  At the outset she stated that “the top priority will be to have the concerns and needs of libraries put on the agenda of governments and local policy makers”.  Amen to that!

In addition to her recent IFLA role Lux library career has seen her as Director of the Library of the Berlin Senate and Academic Librarian at the Berlin State Library, East-Asia Collection.

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