...and so could you!


I know, sounds too good to be true don’t it?  You’re wondering what the catch is, aren’t ya?  And of course there is one but don’t worry you won’t have to sign over your firstborn or anything.

Basically, we’d like to encourage newbies to this year’s LIANZA conference, we still want all you hardened veterans to come along too, but in the interests of strengthening the profession, of acknowledging the past, embracing the present, and particularly advancing the future we’d like some people who are new or newish to the profession to come along and get the LIANZA conference experience.

As a way of enticing such folk, LIANZA have put one early bird conference registration up for grabs to anyone who signs up as a new LIANZA member, so if you know of someone who’s not in the club and who you think would really benefit from being in the organisation (and who also might like to go to conference) then you might want to give them a nudge in the direction of the online membership form.

Here’s the official stuff –

Conditions of entry

  • Each first-time LIANZA membership, which is paid in full between 1st June and 31st July 2009, is given 1 entry to prize draw
  • Prize consists of one LIANZA 2009 Early Bird Conference Registration
  • No additional costs, such as airfares and accommodation, are included
  • Personal LIANZA memberships are eligible – Full Information Professional, Peer, New Information Professional, Retired Informational Professional and Alumni
  • Institutional LIANZA membership are ineligible
  • LIANZA National Office (Wellington) will co-ordinate the names of new personal LIANZA members to be entered into the competition
  • This competition will be publicized during June and July 2009 through a variety of communications channels, including, but not limited to, list-servs, LIANZA 2009 Conference blog, LIANZA 2009 Conference website
  • The winner must be available for promotional activities, including (but not limited to) three one-to-one interviews to be published on LIANZA 2009 Conference blog before, during and after LIANZA 2009 Conference
  • The winner must be agree to the announcement of their name on the LIANZA 2009 Conference blog (August 2009), on library related list-servs (August 2009), the LIANZA 2009 Conference website (August 2009) and in LIANZA Library Life (September 2009)
  • Prize is not transferable
  • Prize cannot be exchanged for cash
  • If the winner declines prize, then another name will be drawn from the pool of entries
  • If the winner is unable to attend the conference due to unforeseen circumstances, they must notify the LIANZA 2009 Conference Convenor in writing as soon as possible