Abstract art.  Not exactly what were talking about

Abstract art. Not exactly what we're talking about.

Got any abstracts lying around that might like to go to conference? Are you sure? Have you checked behind the couch cushions? Under the bed? What about in the shed?

What I’m very flippantly referring to is that the call for abstracts for this year’s conference has officially gone out.

I think a lot of people assume that they don’t have anything “conference-worthy” to contribute and dismiss the call for abstracts, leaving it for people who are “more important” than them to deal with. I think that’s a shame and that there’s a lot of sterling work going on out in library-land that would be really useful for others to know about.

Last year my colleague Aurelia Arona co-presented a session on bi-lingual storytimes at Christchurch City Libraries. I know that she was nervous about doing it and that on some level she wondered if what she had to say would be of interest to anyone else. Sometimes it’s easy to take the work that you do for granted and assume that everyone already knows how to do it too.

The session was a great success (it’s not every day I do heads, shoulders, knees and toes in three different languages…with a hangover) and it was clear from the Q and A afterwards that many people attending got a great deal out of it. So the moral of the story is – share your knowledge, there will be grateful recipients (and if you must drink too much bubbly at the dinner do pack paracetemol).

So have you been involved in a project where you’d wished someone had warned you of the pitfalls beforehand? Why not do that for someone else? Are you a recent MLIS graduate with a piece of research burning a hole in your pocket? Have you just got something information-related to skite about? If so, then take a few minutes to consider whacking together an abstract and submitting it for consideration.

You’ve got until Friday 22 May and that’s heaps of time to deal to your own or needle someone you know into telling the world about the great work they’ve been doing.  Go to it!